Talking to kids about Covid restrictions

It is looking as though WA is lucky enough to have successfully stopped any community transmission of Covid with our 5 day lockdown and restrictions will be eased from Friday evening. However, this week of lockdown has probably prompted many families to have to answer questions from confused kids who aren’t used to mask-wearing in WA and who didn’t get to go back to school this week. We have been so lucky as a state to not have to deal with day to day worries such as mask wearing but it’s also possibly meant an increase in anxiety for some kids and parents wondering how to explain it all to their kids. Luckily my son was happy enough to accept the explanation that we can all be superhero’s and help each other not get sick by wearing a mask and staying home this week. However, if your child is showing signs of anxiety or confusion about Covid related restrictions such as mask wearing, here’s a tip sheet with some suggestions for talking to children about Covid. It’s important to explain as factually as possible that we can all help each other and that grown ups are making decisions and rules that are meant to help keep us all safe. Kids need to know that the adults are doing the work to keep them safe and reframing restrictions as things we do to look after each other and keep each other safe can alleviate anxiety.