Black Friday Anxiety

It’s Black Friday, a day where tonnes of stores have sales, and everywhere I turn I’m being bombarded with alerts about sales and “bargains”. It’s giving me anxiety! Until I reminded myself that the Black Friday sales are a great opportunity to pick up something you’ve been wanting for ages, or things you know you’ll soon need more of anyway. Or grab some Christmas presents for people at a reduced price. But it certainly doesn’t mean we need to buy stuff we don’t actually need or  really love, just because it’s on sale. If you wouldn’t have bought it full price (out of need or love) then you don’t need it at 20 or 30% off either. It will just become more stuff in your home that makes you feel bad. So if Black Friday sale alerts are giving you anxiety, try logging off social media for a few days until it dies down, or sitting down and making a proper list of what you really actually need and try to stick to that.