Tips for talking to children about Covid-19

Many of us have children, and we are understandably worried about our kids picking up on the anxiety around us. It’s hard to know how much information to give a child about what is going on – we don’t want to worry them, but also realistically we know kids have pretty good bullshit radars and they can tell there’s something going on anyway. They can see the massive changes to our daily routines, and all the talk about hand-washing etc.

Rather than cause confusion or fear by not addressing it at all, or pretending everything is completely normal, it is more helpful to explain (at a developmentally appropriate level), that there’s a virus going around and we’re all trying to be extra careful not to pass it to each other. You could try reading a children’s story about Coronavirus to help explain, like this one.

Here’s an article discussing generally developmentally helpful ways to discuss Coronavirus with children.

Children pick up on our anxiety, and understandably, we’re pretty anxious right now. In addition to this, a lot of the ways we might normally manage our emotions (seeing friends, going to an exercise class, sitting in a cafe), have been taken away from us. Finding new ways to manage mental health and connect with others will be key. If you have a Psychologist you see regularly, you can probably continue to see them via Video. Now is a good time to look after your mental health and stay connected with people in any way you can.

Take care everyone.